He isn’t just a dog…

…He is my companion. My best friend.

He sees my abilities but knows of my faults yet still wants to share every moment with me.

Although he may not understand my sadness, he knows that I am sad and comforts me with his gentle presence.

He does not judge me.

He loves me unconditionally.

I love him more then words can say.

You might just see a pet but to me, he is family.

I share my happiness with him and although he is mostly always happy, he receives the mood with great appreciation.

A wagging tail to accompany a cheerful smile.

He gets me out of the house when I feel so low and changed my life for the better.

He brightens my day with an excitable bark and a loving embrace (Ok so he doesn’t wrap his arms around me but it’s the same difference)

You won’t find a friend who’s more loyal and trustworthy. He doesn’t speak but I’m sure if he could he wouldn’t share any secrets.

He always wants to be by my side, through rain or shine, he’s there.

I love that creature you call a dog.

To me he’s my best friend.



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