Why did you start your blog?

I started my blog as a way to showcase my writing skills and as a response to a very difficult period in my life. I started writing as an outlet after suffering with mental illness, triggered by the death of my brother Elliot in 2013. It allowed me to get through a difficult and confusing period in my life and I hope to help others by sharing my experience.


What genre do you class your blog as? 

All though I didn’t start out with a particular genre in mind, my blog focuses a great deal on mental wellbeing and grief. Although the topics I write about do vary a great deal, I always write them with my audience in mind. I like to write about subjects I know readers will be really interested in and relate to.

What subjects do you write about on your blog? 

I write about varying subjects such as mental health, current affairs and grief. I am more than happy to take suggestions for blog topics. If you would like to me write about a particular topic, please email me at thatgeorgiacoan@gmail.com or contact me on social media.